MEET HER MONDAY : Janisaa Pradja

MEET HER MONDAY : Janisaa Pradja
Meet Janisaa 🖤
 Wine consultant & Sommelier | Body-positivity advocate


Janisaa Pradja, or Janis for short, is a beautiful example of
how women in Indonesia should handle netizens and hateful comments.
We all might understand the position Janis is in. Just like us, Janis shares publicly to the world her passion and love for wine. She puts herself out there only to be criticized about her body.

Just last year there was a big tabloid where Janis was continuously
being called "fat" and netizens claiming that she was pregnant due to an increase in her body weight. And it didn't stop there, she says that netizens took to her DMs with statements such as her 'husband would leave her if she gained too much weight' or that she 'lost her baby'. Ridiculous!
Yet Janis laughs it off.


She wants everyone to know that "I kept strong". That everyone should not listen to hate and be confident in their bodies. She ends it with a laugh stating: "I think people are too scared to comment on my weight now."

Janis has been known for a while to be a big advocate on body positivity
and is self confident with her body. She has put her shame-ers to place and wants all women to be proud of their bodies. To remind them that the comments and hate you receive from other's opinions are nothing more than unnecessary noise when you realize your own value.

It's inspiring for us to see her rock The Aceso In Black  so beautifully!! 

Hope her message reminds us all to STAY BEAUTIFUL
and FEEL CONFIDENT regardless of what others around us say.
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