Most of Wear Rame pieces are made from man-made fiber from naturally occurring materials that is not synthetic.

A regenerated cellulose fiber is what it is known as, and it needs special care. Your Wear Rame piece absorbs more moisture than cotton and it has a finer thread than cotton. They are wrinkle and crease resistant.

This fabric stretches easily and can ensure comfort throughout the day. When cared for correctly, this fabric will not lose its shape, size or color.

Here is the perfect way to clean your Wear Rame piece!

Step 1 : First thing first, turn your Wear Rame piece inside out.

Step 2 : Separate your dark colors from your light colors. This is important to protect the texture and color of your piece.

Step 3 : Put it in the washing machine with soft detergent. Set the machine to the gentle cycle and only use cold water for this wash. We strongly recommend hand wash your piece. Do not use bleach, and do not add fabric softener.

Step 4 : Hang to dry on a line or dry it on a low cycle for minimal time. Another option is to lay the clothing flat to dry.

Step 5: Instead of using a regular iron, we recommend using a steam iron on your clothes.Or if it is not available, you can set the iron at the very low to iron your piece gently.

Tip :
Follow care instructions carefully to avoid damaging your item. If your machine isn't gentle enough, you can always wash by hand.

Do not dry clean them

Xx, Wear Rame