Wear Rame was born in 2018 during my university days in Taipei. The name came to me one night as I sat in my dorm room, trying to create something based on my passion. While browsing the internet, I stumbled upon the word "RAME," which means someone who is joyful and chaotic at the same and I was like, yes that’s me. Joyful and Chaotic. Balance. That’s it, this is the name. I decided to combine it with "Wear" to form the brand name: Wear Rame. The concept behind the brand is to wear clothing that makes you feel accepted for being yourself, embracing your joyful essence. However, life can also be incredibly chaotic without us even realizing it.
From the beginning, I had always envisioned creating something based in Bali. At that time, Bali held a special place in my heart—it was my favorite destination and a sanctuary where I felt safe and inspired. Hence, the brand became known as Wear Rame Bali.
Wear Rame is a non-seasonal, ready-to-wear brand hailing from Bali. It is designed for you, by us, with the intention of embracing and celebrating your unique self. Our aim is to instill confidence in the skin and body you're in. Each garment is meticulously crafted with love by our local artisans, encompassing the entire process from design to production. We pour love into every aspect of our service, ensuring that your experience with us is exceptional, from pre-purchase to post-purchase. We are always here for you, ready to assist and support you.
Our goal is to deliver pieces that transcend time, creating a sense of timelessness. We believe in producing high-quality garments that will endure and become cherished items in your wardrobe.
xx, B